Agree or Disagree: It is time to implement Mandatory Voting

Last night, all of Alberta had their Civic Elections. I’d like to start this conversation with numbers of some of the percentage’s of voter turnouts in some of Alberta.

Calgary  below 30%

Edmonton- 34%

Red Deer 31.4%

High River-66%

Now other than High River, the numbers are really low. Some would argue average for civic elections. However many, including me, feel this was unacceptable. The amount of information through Social Media and other forums allows you to research candidates. Many are advocating for several people online.  There is quite frankly, no reason why you don’t vote.

However, most of you did not. And those who did vote are a little upset you didn’t do your democratic duty.

Some are now suggesting that it is time to implement Mandatory Voting.  So if you are over the age of 18, you are legally expected to exercise your vote.

What are your thoughts?

And perhaps, I should ask the question to the non-voters. Why didn’t you vote?


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