About voting for a “Christian” Mayor-From someone who is a Christian.

I was going to post this last night, however, a blue circle took over 🙂


As I have been observing and following the Calgary Civic Election, I happen to notice one of the methods one person is encouraging me to vote for him.


His name is Larry Heather. He is identifying himself in this election as Calgary’s Christian Mayor. If you go on his website, he is using Bible verses and a reminder of the importance of having Judeo-Christian values. The Bible verses are some of the Ten Commandments.


Now see, the assumption made here is because I’m a Christian, I should support him. Because he’s a Christian and I’m a Christian, I should desire Christian things to happen here. Right?


Moreover, he reminds us that the Mayor of this City is NOT a Christian. He is a Muslim. On his website, he even reminds us that Mayor Nenshi took his oath to public office on the Quran. 


So, another implication being made here is you should not vote for Nenshi because he is Muslim.


I’ve been a part of some conversations with Christians. And I have to admit that we have discussed voting someone because they are Christian. See, some have a theory that having a Christian leader will bring a blessing of God on our land. Based on the website, it is clear that Heather agrees. If you would like, check out his website http://www.larryforcalgary.ca


The problem I have, and I know that many Christians would actually agree with me on this. It’s the use of the word “Christian” to assume my support. There have been many candidates that are Christians that have run and you wouldn’t necessarily know that they are. They would stand on their platform, and their ideas and hope that gets them into whatever political office they are running for.


Ultimately, that’s what I’m looking at when I vote for. Are the values and the ideas that the candidate is running on things I can agree with? If they are, great! I will consider voting for you. If not, my vote goes elsewhere.


This election isn’t about what faith is better. This election is about who’s ideas are better. 


Let’s keep it that way.


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