Agree or Disagree: This is a waste of Calgarians taxpayers money

Agree or Disagree: This is a waste of Calgarians taxpayers money

The internet in Calgary was angry today about this picture.

It started this morning when someone posted this article on my Facebook Wall.

The implication being that Mayor Naheed Nenshi endorsed that 470,000 be spent on this Big blue ring called Traveling Light.

The natural reaction to reading the first story is anger. The headline seemed to invoke this for some people. This post specifically does it. And, let’s face it, Sun News has posted headlines that invokes emotion.

However, I have developed a philosophy when looking at articles written by the Sun. Read the story, look at other sources surrounding the story, then find out what really is going on.

So, let’s all walk through this. We have this story.

I then find this story from CBC News.

Now, let’s take a deep breath. Everybody ready? Good!

The story led to many people to criticize Nenshi for this. But, let’s look back and ask a question.

Is there any quotes from Nenshi? Let’s all look together…. No!!!

Low and behold, enter Global News. They interview Nenshi. This is what Nenshi said.

“I don’t like it, I think it’s awful,” said Mayor Naheed Nenshi. “I understand it’s a work of engineering to balance it on it’s edge, [but] I think it’s terrible.”

Here’s the Global Story

So, it seems we really don’t know how this “Traveling Light” traveled there.

Now, while there is many of you angry at this, however not all of you were. There was some that supported this and like this. While many have questioned whether this was a good use of taxpayers money, some appreciated the effort and the art.

What do you think? Both of this piece and as well as how this story was handled.


4 responses to “Agree or Disagree: This is a waste of Calgarians taxpayers money

  1. I am all for art and pretty things that make our city more desirable for us who live here as well as for people who visit… however I think the ‘planning’ and ‘approving departments’ need an overhaul. Now although I am not a part of the University Art Program, I am confident that we could find a current or past student that could build something for a lot less that would have a much more touching story and show real heart from our city…. Just my opinion.

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