Agree or Disagree: We need more female voices in politics.

If you haven’t had a chance, I would recommend you listen to Kinkade and Kelly on QR77.

Last week, they discussed women in politics. One of the things that is interesting about the Calgary Civic Election is the amount of women running in this year. In a city where half of the population is women, 17% of the candidates running in this election are women. I’m not a mathematician, but this doesn’t some like good representation.

Kinkade and Kelly had Laurie Blakeman as guest on their show.   She is an MLA in Edmonton Centre as a guest on their show. She pointed out that many women are choosing to stay in the business world rather then joining in the political arena. Some of the reasons included a fear of participating in politics, and family time. The type of hours asked for some MLAS apparently conflicts with families. (I say apparently, because I don’t know this from a personal standpoint)

However, what was also interesting is many voters find many women political candidates qualified  would vote for them. The problem seems to be a lack of them.

So, the questions are this. Do we have enough female voices in the political process?  Not just candidates, but actual female voices involved? And if not, how do we have that voice heard more in the process?

Kinkade and Kelly can be heard Monday to Friday on QR77 from 9:00 AM to Noon.


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