Agree or Disagree: It’s easier to change your religion than it is to change your diet. Guess Post-Melissa Sterling

Tonight is our third Guest Posts we have for Agree or Disagree.

This post is from Melissa Sterling. She is very passionate about health and wellness. She discusses healthy eating as well as juices . You can follow her on Twitter @Sterlingize.

As a reminder, some general ground rules.

1) Opinions do not necessarily reflect mine

 2) Please do not make personal attacks

3) Take the time to thank her.




AGREE: I see examples of people defending their rights and religion every single day, yet they will adjust their whole belief system if they decide they wish to subscribe to a different opinion or set of beliefs. They come together and rally for their rights to be respected when it comes to religion. On the other side they are filling their faces full at an enormous rate claiming all sorts of ridiculous reasons that they required or deserve whatever it is that they wish to eat. People don’t want to change their eating patterns; they get too much out of it. Most people’s life is about eating. The human body has been carefully programmed to consume food items in certain combinations that contradict natural processes that are required for optimum function. The result of this programming is sickness and disease. The cause is improper lifestyle behavior habits around food choices.

Think about it for a second – how many family gatherings – or any gathering for that matter focus on anything other than eating? And when the choices are made – what is the focus? Entertaining taste buds or fuelling the body? I think we already know the answer – take a good look around in any public place these days. What is walking around? Pictures of health? Uh – not likely. 

“But my doctor told me I need to eat bread for my diabetes.” True story – a woman actually said this to me as I was answering her question about grains and how they commonly relate to indigestion. 

I was shocked the first time I witnessed this in a public forum… Believe it or not, people will pay money to attend a seminar just to defend their style of eating to the presenter. Seriously. I’m thinking – Why bother coming to a seminar if all you want to do is continue to do what it is you are already doing… Just keep doing it if that’s what you wish to do.  However – just to be clear – didn’t your past and current lifestyle behaviors land you in exactly the place that you are in right now? And did you come to the seminar to learn about how to do things differently? 

‘Change is good. You go first.’* Seems to be the attitude of many… (*title of a book by Mac Anderson and Tom Feltenstein)

So you may agree – changing the way you eat is more difficult than changing your beliefs – or is it one and the same? Eating is hard to change… and even harder to change possibly than a religion because we have evolved to be driven by taste rather than nourishment. When we are driven by our beliefs we change our mind from one set of ‘rules’ for another, we can apply the teachings because they are set out in simple steps for us and there are other people around who help guide the process. To change a diet, one must first change his mind and due to the addictive nature of foods it is literally an intricate chemical process that is so ingrained into the very cells of being that everything needs to be essentially rewired this can be a super difficult process.

Since I personally think that lifestyle diet is essential to life, and I see less people concerned with it than with religion I would have to say I AGREE that changing a person’s religion would in fact be easier than changing his eating lifestyle behaviors


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