Agree or Disagree: The Landlord and Tenant Act is effective

I must confess that I’m a renter.I’ve never owned a house. I live in a comfy cozy little pad in Kensington. It’s close to work and 5 Tim Horton’s and lots of restaurants. For me, renting is quite convenient and affordable. 

However, I’m aware of many people who have rented and do rent that have had issues with their landlord. Things not being fixed, sudden jumps in rent, and generally  poor upkeep are common concerns and questions some renters have had.

There also is renters that have been issues. Late on rent, late night parties, and being disrespectful to neighbours and the place are also common concerns landlords have had.

So to bring the disputes to a settlement, there is a Landlord and Tenant Act. The idea of the Act is to help the relationship between Landlord and Tenants.

So for those who have had to deal with issue, or have had friends who have had to deal with it, is the Landlord and Tenant Act effective? 


One response to “Agree or Disagree: The Landlord and Tenant Act is effective

  1. My fellow tenants and I have seen both sides. We have a neglectful landlord AND some problem tenants in our building. We have been ASKING for change for as long as I’ve lived here, but nothing ever does. So, I put up a tenant blog, detailing the crap we we have to put with: The landlord has decided to try to evict me for making waves, but everyone here is on my side. I will be going before the Landlord and Tenant Board Tribunal in December. Maybe I can let you know how it goes and you can do a follow-up post. Cheers.

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