5 issues to talk about during the Calgary Civic Election

Yesterday was  the official announcement of all the candidates the Calgary Mayor and Council race.  


For many people. particularly when it comes to the Mayor race, you have decided who should be Mayor.  In general, you have been happy about the direction and leadership Mayor Nenshi has shown. While that is an understandable position, it does not mean there are not issues to question when it comes to the City of Calgary. I have come up with 5 issues, I myself would like to see discussed in this election.


Housing- We continue to have a very low vacancy rate in Calgary.  This and the increase of rent in Calgary is making it tougher and tougher to obtain affordable housing in Calgary. How does the city deal with this going forward?


The Urban Sprawl/City Growth- Because there is a perception that there are jobs in Calgary, we will continue to have people move here. There is some that continue to want to move out and sprawl and not up.  Is this really effective? Is there alternative ways to deal with city growth.


Downtown Revitalization Project-Every time I come back to Calgary from a trip, I always notice that our downtown dies not have the same life other cities do. I believe we are missing out on something here. Downtown’s have an opportunity to develop community. Is there a need to look at that


Commuting- Kudos to the strides that Calgary Transit has made. However, many feel that there are still a number of steps we can improve the overall commuter experience  in Calgary. Many are looking for alternative and efficient ways to commute around the city. How will the City respond?


Homeless/ Working Poor. Mayor Nenshi, along with others  in the city, have been having good conversations about the homeless. However, the conversations need to continue about them and the working poor. We  do have a working poor population that exists in this city. How does the City look at these issues?


Those are my 5. But I would like to hear from you. What are the issues you would like to see this civil election be about?


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