Agree or Disagree: Celebrities critiquing the Oilsands

Agree or Disagree: Celebrities critiquing the Oilsands

What do James Cameron, Robert Redford and Neil Young have in common?

They do not like the oilsands. They have spoken out against it. They have been attacked for it.

For some in Alberta, the “attack” on the oilsands is precious to them. Many work in the field, their family has worked in the field. They have studied and cared for years.

For others, there is a such concern of what is going on in the oilsands. The environment is under attack, there is concern of illness of people. And some wonder if we really should be looking for other resources than oil.

However, the argument has been made that people like Robert Redford, James Cameron and Neil Young are not experts. They are celebrities. Some have questioned their motives. However, if they are the only three that have argued this, good point. But others have expressed concern. Some  are experts, and some not.

What do you think? Do people like Young Cameron and Redford have a point? Is it valid to critique the oilsands? Or should they be quiet? 



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