Agree or Disagree: Everybody Lies on Facebook.

Agree or Disagree: Everybody Lies on Facebook.

Many of you use Facebook. Many of you post pictures of your friends, your family and your pets. Even some of you shared your pains and your losses in life. Some have recently shared  about your engagements, your pregnancies, and your weddings.

But do you always tell the truth on Facebook?

According to the article linked, you don’t. This article suggests you lie on Facebook. That we all lie on Facebook.

Here’s a portion of the article to read.

Of course, there’s no question as to how much people lie on Facebook, although it was quite shocking to hear from my own daughter – some lie just about their age, some about their jobs and some about their entire lives. It might be as harmless as little 9 year old kids pretending to be 13 (I imagine that ‘13’ is the age of most Facebook users) or a 50 year old woman who says she’s 43, or, it could be people lying about who they really are, what their jobs are or even worse.

I think that it was clear from the beginning that social media (and the Internet in general) gives people free passes to lie as much as they want and build online personas that have nothing to do with who they are in their real lies.

So, tell me. Do you lie on Facebook?


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