Agree or Disagree: Scrap standardized testing

Agree or Disagree: Scrap standardized testing

Based on the many photo’s I saw today, there is lots of excitement about your children going back to school. So, this week, we will be spending time discussing issues within the education system.

The first one we will discuss is standardized testing. Many teachers have expressed concern, however, there has been many that have seen the benefits.

In this article, Bruce Stewart from the Beacon discusses why standardized testing should be scrapped. He feels it would help fix the education system. He points to Finland as an example.

Meanwhile, a country like Finland, which scrapped standardized testing and, instead, concentrated on getting quality teachers in the classroom — requiring a Master’s degree in the subject to be taught, then education qualifications, then a solid apprenticeship, to be allowed to teach and receive the reward of professional-grade pay — isn’t to be discussed. The OECD actually tried to force Finland to reverse course, because the results of Finnish students all over that country, rural or urban, wealthy community or poor, all came way up, made everyone else look bad.

So, what do you think? Is it time to scrap standardized testing?


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