Agree or Disagree: We are ignoring what is happening to Christians in Egypt

This is a video is from Michael Coren from Sun News.

I know that many of you will have an instant rejection of this. However, I will encourage you to watch this video.

There seems to have been very little coverage to what is happening to Christians and Christian churches in Egypt. 30-50 Christian churches have been targeted and attacked there. There is also an article you can read here from the New York Times.

I know that some have a resistance to all things Christian. However, I have also seen some of those same resisters of Christianity discuss the dignity of humans as well as the rights of humans. Surely this is a concern to see this type of attack on people?

So, the question is the attacks of Christians in Egypt being ignored? If so, why? I have one theory and it might not be popular.

I wonder if some people are ignoring this due to some hostility towards the behaviour of Christians.

What do you think?


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