A special Morning Agree or Disagree: The USA plan to attack Syria

A special Morning Agree or Disagree: The USA plan to attack Syria

Usually, we do this a little later. However, if reports are true, it is quite possible we could be discussing this throughout the day.

According to several reports, the USA will be launching an attack on Syria today. If it’s not today, it will be soon. This is in spite of the Brits saying they will not be supporting this. And interestingly enough, up to 80% of Americans polled opposed to this.

What do you think?

Agree or Disagree: Marijuana is a gateway drug.

Agree or Disagree: Marijuana is a gateway drug.

There has been some recent discussions in Canada about the legalization of marijuana.

Many feel that it is about time to legalize it. That it is long past time to do it. They feel the research supports it. 

However, there is some resistance. Like Alberta Premier Alison Redford. She feels it is a gateway drug.

“We actually believe marijuana is a gateway drug into harder drugs. It’s a serious drug. It leads to addiction and we don’t believe it to be harmless.” Redford said this week.

What do you think?

Agree or Disagree: In general, you are fine with public nudity

Agree or Disagree: In general, you are fine with public nudity

You may not have been aware of this, but last weekend in Vancouver, there was Go Topless Day.

Women marched topless in a 1963 Cadillac down Robson Street to the Vancouver Art Gallery. Speeches were made by women to be allowed to bare their breasts in public. Men wearing bras joined in as well.

And according to this article from Beacon News, people are ok with this.

Are you?

Agree or Disagree: A ban of wearing religious symbols

Agree or Disagree: A ban of wearing religious symbols

You may have known that I was in Montreal the last two summers.

In Montreal, it is generally quite hard to not walk past a Catholic Church or a religious institution. Two of the top tourist attractions are churches. A cross adorns of the hills of Mont-Royal

That is why I find it interesting that Quebec is bringing forward the idea for a ban of wearing religious symbols.

According to the attached article here in The Star, here is an explanation of the idea.

The so-called charter of Quebec values, to be unveiled in the coming weeks, proposes barring public servants from wearing veils, kippas, turbans and even crucifixes while at work. A leaked report last week said the measures would apply to anyone who draws their salary from the public purse: bureaucrats, lawyers, police officers, teachers, and even doctor and nurses.

Apparently, it is gaining popularity. According to the poll The Star shared 2 out of 3 Quebecers support this.

I’m interested in how this can be done. Some religions and faiths have some specific things they must wear. How will you get around that? Moreover, this does seem to have some human rights implications to this.

Here’s another perspective from Irwin Colter.


What do you think? Would you support this? Or, are there too many implications?

Agree or Disagree: Countries boycotting the Winter Olympics for Russia’s “Anti-Gay” law

One of the big stories of the summer has been Russia’s “Anti-Gay” law.

What it is in essence is Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to minors”

Here is the Article 6.21 of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses says

Propaganda is the act of distributing information among minors that 1) is aimed at the creating nontraditional sexual attitudes, 2) makes nontraditional sexual relations attractive, 3) equates the social value of traditional and nontraditional sexual relations, or 4) creates an interest in nontraditional sexual relations. 

Many athletes including Canada’s own Sidney Crosby has spoken against this.

For me growing up in Canada, my view has always been that way,” Crosby said during a news conference Sunday to kick off Canada’s Olympic camp. “I think that everyone has an equal right to play and I think we’ve been supportive of that. With the Olympics and the controversy around that I think those decisions and those laws aren’t necessarily something that I agree with personally … their laws and their views.

Watching people like Crosby and Shea Weber who has spoken out about issues like this before, it leads to this question. I realize that this will not happen, but it’s something people have been thinking about.

What if Canada, and or the USA, or any other country decided that they would boycott the Olympics in Russia because of this law?. It would not be the first boycott. It happened in 1980 in Moscow and  was followed by  a boycott in Los Angeles in 1984. Would you support this?

To give perspective on the two sides, I’ll share two different articles.

This one is Russia defending the anti-gay law. 


This one expresses some opposition.


Agree or Disagree: There is no such thing as the “Friend Zone”

This theory comes from us from Heather Hutchison.  She is the host of a show called Tiny Bubbles Hour in Edmonton. You can follow her @Kvitsh on Twitter and @TinyBubbleShow on Twitter and Tumbir

Her and I had a conversation this week.  She thinks that there is no such thing as the “Friend Zone”. 

Here are her thoughts.

The Friend-Zone doesn’t exist.

People want to date/have sex with someone, or they don’t.
Friend-zoning is a justification invented by Nice Guys to soothe themselves after being rejected. If a woman doesn’t want to date/have sex with a man, it’s because she’s not interested and never has been, not because he’s “too nice”. 

Because of society and conditioning, however, women are often too polite to explain why they’re not interested. They hide behind niceties.
If a woman only likes “dangerous” men, it’s because she has some kind of trauma she needs to work out, or the “nice” men she rejects are actually whiny and weak and the men rejected use the nice/bad man dichotomy to make themselves feel better.

Do you Agree or Disagree?