Agree or Disagree: God could let you down

For many people, the answer is simple. They are comforted by the reliance of who God is. They trust in the promises of the Scripture in that He will never leave you or forsake you. If things do not turn the way they should, God has a different plan. He is a good God with good gifts. His ways are better than our ways, they say. 

God will never let you down.

But there are others that have prayed and prayed. They have prayed for their children to be healed of sickness only to find that the child has died. Or, they have prayed for some important decisions regarding work or school only to find out this would not happen. There were times that they really felt they needed to feel God, but they felt absence. .

They felt God let them down.

What do you think? Can a good God, with good promises, including “never leaving or forsaking you” let you down?


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