Do you know these people?

As I’ve been updating and sharing what is going on with the flood, I’ve
gotten to meet some people you should know.

Do you know Cassandra?

She tweeted “help” to places like Walmart, Target and Costco. She also made people aware of the situation in Morley when it was quiet. And when they ran out of drinking water.

Do you know Jess and Marty?

She was organizing people to go out to Morley. Her and boyfriend Marty
organized a carpool to Morley.

Do you know Kim?

She’s been making sure people are aware of how to volunteer effectively.
She also opened her home for donations.

Do you know Janette?

She’s been keeping people updated. As well as keeping people’s spirits up in a
time when we can all be down.

Do you know Elle?

Every possible place she could volunteer the last week, she did. Anything

that she could help with someone, she did.

Do you know Ryan?

He is organizing food to feed 150 people on Thursday in Bowness. On his own

Do you know Candace?

She lives in Red Deer. I asked her  about generators. There was a shortage
and a need for generators.She posted this on her Facebook.

Do you Justin?

He also lives in Red Deer. I asked him about generators. He called and
called until he found one.

Do you know Patrick?

Everyday since this flood happened, he has messaged me to go out and help.

Do you know Brad?

He also messaged me everyday and asked  to help.

Do you know Sara?

She was one of the first people I knew who was out volunteering on
Thursday when the flood happened, she was at shelters.

Do you know Angela?

She lives in a small town in Lampman, Saskatchewan. She wants to do more,

but she has been advertising offerings of art works.

Do you know Lee?

She lives in Edmonton. She connected people in Edmonton who wanted to
donate to those impacted by the flood.

Do you know Sheena?

She’s picking up some stuff in Edmonton to bring back to us.

Do you know Serena and Fraser?

They also have been asking to help. If they are not needed in one place, they will go to another.

Do you know Julie?

She is one of many involved with Calgary Clean Up, organizing volunteers

this week. She wants some on Canada Day.

Do you know Karen and Patrick?

Karen went out right away to help, where she lives. Siksika.

And Patrick? He got off the plane from a holiday and went right to work.

Do you know Melissa?

Like many of us lately, she was having a sleepless night. She came up with
this idea. To tell your stories.

Do you know Connie?

She jumped on during a busy schedule to help out. How one writes with kids

making noise (in the background) is beyond me.

Do you know Christina?

She lives on Vancouver Island. She helped us create this blog.

If you don’t know these people, you should. know them. Them and the thousands more I can go on, and on, and on, and on about.  The unselfish and caring. The quiet, the strong. The everyday people. Not looking for fame, but looking to help.  Those not looking for anything more than simply to help. Not looking for thanks , just simply to help.

We should tell these stories. We should share them.  All of them. The big

things, the little things, all the things that kept YYC Together.


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