Agree or Disagree: Hollywood is manipulating Christians.

Agree or Disagree: Hollywood is manipulating Christians.

There has been some talk about the new Superman movie Man of Steel.

Although some of the talk has been the review of the actual quality of the movie, there has also been talk of the Biblical references in the movie.

According to this article, Screenwriter David Goyer told the Los Angeles Times that he had the Bible in mind when he was writing the story. Warner Bros hired a faith based public relations firm Grace Hill Media to ensure Christians saw the connections. 

This is not the first time this effort has happened in movies and television. The apparent spiritual themes can be seen in many movies. Movies like the Matrix, Lord of the Rings. There also has been more “faith based” movies come up. Movies like The Blind Side, and the Chronicles of Narnia had some very clear Christian messages in them.

While Hollywood seems to be open and acknowledge the need to reach the “Christian” audience. This blogger Jonathan Merritt contends a different point. Here is how he ends this post.


Let’s be clear that Warner Brothers isn’t trying to spread the Christian gospel; they are trying to make a profit. And, whether we like it or not, religion in America can be a lucrative business. In this case, generating profit means transforming pastors into marketers, hocking movie tickets from their pulpits. If the real test of morality is not just the nature of a behavior, but how that behavior shapes us as human beings, then this trend fails that test.

So let’s and rejoice at Hollywood’s efforts to produce art that resonates with religious moviegoers, but let’s also be as “wise as serpents” in how we partake. If Christians allow themselves to be manipulated by movie marketers, they may unwittingly participate in making faith a means to a end rather than an end in itself.

Which leads me to express a personal confession about Christians and movies.

As a Christian,I don’t like watching movies with Christians. 

Just because  something has “Christian” themes doesn’t make it a spiritually healthy movie. Or a movie that as a Christian I’m required to watch.

And just because something has “Non-Christians” themes doesn’t mean it’s an unhealthy movie. Or a movie that as a Christian, I’m required to avoid.

And yet the general debate I have with many Christians is this. What is the rating on the movie? Not, what’s the movie about.  In a sense, I understand that some movies can be uncomfortable to watch. However, I’ve learned life isn’t always comfortable to live.

Tell me a story. A story with interesting characters and a great script. Also great directing, music, camerawork and if needed, special effects.

I’ll make the choice if I will be impacted by it. I don’t need a marketing firm or a pastor to tell me if I will be.



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