Agree or Disagree: Society has been silent on women’s issues

Agree or Disagree: Society has been silent on women’s issues

There is a saying that a picture is worth 1,000 words.

Sometimes 1,000 words are not enough.

Last night, I wrote this article that you might have read. If not, please read it. It was to help promote a dance show called Invisible. The show will run June 14 and June 15 in Calgary at Theatre Grand Junction. It will focus on the vulnerable women in our culture.

Connie Jakab and I had a discussion about this and we thought it would be great to explore this angle.  In my research,I was fortunate to get the perspectives of Alison Springer and Val Lieske and Connie. As well as listening to several videos that Connie with many people helping out in non-profit.  As well as look online and listen.

The article was around 1,000 words. And part of me thinks it’s not enough.

The research I did was lots. But part of me thinks it’s not enough.

The perspectives I got was great. But part of me thinks it’s not enough.

It’s not that I’m being critical of myself. It’s that I feel like there is so much more to unpack on this. And what I saw and what I learned was the tip of the iceberg.Issues like domestic violence, prostitution, teenage pregnancy, homelessness. The subtle impact of insecurity, beauty,loneliness and sex have lead to some serious issues.  And it seems to many that they have been ignored. And many have been silent.

The question I have for you is how do we raise awareness and conversation around this discussion? What do you think some of the issues are that leads to this?

For your information, The website Invisible will be turning into a post show resource for people.

After the show, people will want follow up info on:
– where to go if they’re experiencing anything presented
– how to get involved
– diving further into the issues

The website will have links to the organizations, articles, videos etc all on the issues presented.

It’s great this will continue. Because this conversation needs more than 1,000 words. 

And a clearer picture.




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