Agree or Disagree: Your nation is intolerant of Christianity.

If Franklin Graham were to answer this question, he would say agree.  One of his reasons.

If we hold up God’s standards, we are accused of being intolerant. “Tolerance” is one of today’s hot buttons, but in reality the true and fast-growing “intolerance” is for Christianity—anything that stands for Jesus Christ

If you don’t know who Graham is, or think this name is familiar, he is the son of the revered and respected Billy Graham.

In a letter seen here, Graham wrote a letter stating that he felt the United States was intolerant of Christianity.

Here is how he starts this letter.

Disobedience to God’s Word and His laws has wreaked havoc across the political, economic, and spiritual landscape of our country. There is scandal after scandal, and yet our nation’s leaders seem even more belligerent toward Christians.

Graham suspects that his organization, the BGEA (Billy Graham Evangelical Association) was audited because of their stand on same sex marriage.

Now what  is interesting is how he goes on to the letter. Some might be able to argue if he is tolerant of other people. Or, encourages Christians to do the same. Here is an example of that.

Christians must never compromise their allegiance to the Savior, no matter what others may think.

I can see some of you thinking, what does that mean?  This would seem intolerant.

Or, maybe some can question Graham’s real motivation. Because low and behold, look where this letter leads.

Right now, we have a great opportunity to be involved in reaching others through My Hope America with Billy Graham. It is a simple plan. Make a list of lost friends, acquaintances, and loved ones and begin fervently praying for their salvation. In November, each of us will invite people we care about to our home, church, or favorite hangout to watch a dynamic new program we are developing with a message from my father. You can learn more about participating at We have training available online to help equip you to share your faith.

Interesting. One might ask what he is equipping people to share?

If I was to answer this question, I would answer disagree. 

Churches are still being attended. Bibles are still being read. People are seeking. Religious practices seem to be respected in workplaces. And actually people are willing to talk about Jesus. And study Him.

I admit that is where I sit and that is what I see. What do you think?




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