Agree or Disagree: Masturbation is an unhealthy sexual practice.

This statement I just started would be on par with many traditional thinking Christians.

I know because I have been involved in these conversations. The conversations particularly in single gender sessions. There are those times where we would be split up in guys only or girls only sessions Those conversations led to a number of different topics surrounding the Biblical view on men or women. In the men only groups I was involved with, it would eventually go down this trail.

Speaker begins talk.

What is the Biblical view of men? Scripture opened. Maybe we look at a book like “Battlefield of the Mind.”

The question of your “purity before God” came up.

The question of if you are watching of pornography or if you had “lustful thoughts” comes up. Then, the question might come around the “M” word.

Speaker might speaker in higher, harder and louder tone.

Guilt, shame and tears fills the room.

Pray together.

Few months later, cycle resumes.

And although there was a predominant perspective that things like Masturbation was wrong, there was some that thought differently. They spoke in quiet tones and in different settings. Or, they didn’t speak at all. They would fear that they would be looked at as a “rebel.” Or, they would require prayer. For many people in church circles, there is only one way to look at this. We are called to purity. Plain and simple anything that is not is dishonouring to God.

Rachel Held Evans is a Christian who blogs. She was asked this question by a reader. She was able to find seven different perspectives on this topic. All from a Christian perspective, and would encourage you to read the link provided above.

To be honest, I don’t know if this topic tonight will get many comments.  I honestly hope for a good conversation on this.Ones that challenge your views. Or, gives you some perspective.However, I suspect many will keep their thoughts private.

Either way, I think that’s ok. There seems to be a lot of conversation around the idea of sexuality around the internet lately. And in the past, they have not been handled in a healthy manner.

Hopefully,we can move these type of topics to a healthy dialogue around it in the circles you are in. Because, I think it’s needed.


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