Agree or Disagree: Christianity preaches a Watered Down Gospel

I must warn you, this video might come across harsh.

This is a preacher named Paul Washer. He is well respected by some Christians because he is speaking “truth”.

He and many other Christians feel that the gospel Christianity preaches is watered down. It lacks conviction, purpose. It is fluffy. The word grace is overused.

Paul Washer ends this part of the video. And he like so many others would tell you this is the gospel.

“My job as a preacher is to preach God as He is. So Holy, So great, So magnificent, that He is unattainable. And I’m to preach that man is so low, and so despicable that even carnal Christians would be offended by my sermon.

And only then would Christ become so necessary, that man would be a fool to turn from Him.”

Do you feel that the Gospel has been watered down? That we’ve strayed from truth. From conviction for the expense of “cheap grace”?

Or, would you side with a statement that someone like Rob Bell would say?

The Good News is better than that.

5 responses to “Agree or Disagree: Christianity preaches a Watered Down Gospel

  1. I must admit I did not watch that video. The quote was enough to steer me far far away. I am not a Rob Bell fan either, but I agree with the Bell-esque line. The gospel *is* better news than that guy’s message (Which seems to be on the trajectory of you are a disgusting slug but God grudgingly won’t give you the squishing you deserve).
    I think one of the problems with Mr. Washer’s type of theology is that he thinks that God’s grace is not sufficient. He thinks we need to fear God and that will make us love him. Not so. We obey because we’re loved not because of fear. Fear makes us hide. I think the Bible – especially Hebrews and Romans- is clear on the fact that law and condemnation don’t do anything to help us draw near to God. Love impels, disgust and shaming and judgement repel. Also, look at our primary model: How did Jesus approach sinners? I don’t see him going on about how awful they are and how they’re lucky he doesn’t just blot them out. He didn’t parade his own holiness even though he was God and utterly perfect. In fact the only guys he spoke harshly towards were the religious folk who (ironically) were the most focused on the holiness of God and the standards they assumed He demanded.
    Btw, Pastor Tullian Tchividian blogs a great deal about grace and has some good stuff to say about the fallacy of too much grace (I recommend checking his blog out:

  2. I think its watered down with an overemphasis of of moralism tuned to the appropriate self-esteem or anti-self-esteem views of the audience. Such leans to Washerism on the one hand, or a form of the prosperity Gospel on the other. Its not a mid point between the two either, its much bigger than that.

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