Agree or Disagree: Gord Ferguson should have never been fired in the first place

Agree or Disagree: Gord Ferguson should have never been fired in the first place

Who’s Gord Ferguson?

Gord Ferguson is an instructor at ACAD.  He was an instructor of a student that killed a chicken,plucked it and dropped into a pot in public. This happened on April 18.

Although police were called and no charged were laid, on May 6 ACAD decided to fire Ferguson.  The purpose of this exercise was an assignment. An expression of art, in a well…. art school. They deemed Ferguson as instructor responsible.He has been an instructor for 32 years at ACAD.

A group called CAUT (Canadian Association of University Teachers) filed a grievance on his behalf.  This, along with some strong student support, led to the reinstatement. CAUT has  requested that ACAD return any lost wages and benefits to Ferguson.  They have also requested  a formal apology.

As this has happened, I think there are three important questions that I have. And I’d like your thoughts on.

1) Should the student have faced some consequences? Are you ok with no consequences to him and all the blame on Ferguson?

2) This might not be a fair question to some. But I’ll ask it. Would Ferguson have been reinstated if he was a newer instructor? In other words did his tenure help?  As well as student support?

3) What do you think of the actual artistic expression? Recognizing art is not meant to make you feel comfortable, are you bothered by this?

And what do you think of what happened to Ferguson?


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