Agree or Disagree: Having faith can offer hope for depression.

Agree or Disagree: Having faith can offer hope for depression.

If you permit me, I need to start this post with making this statement. I have been in the so-called “Christian culture” and church community long enough to say this.

The Christian church has done a terrible job dealing with those people who have suffered with depression. And perhaps, all of society can join in this one.

Within the Christian context, I have heard people say some cliche things when it comes to depression. Maybe you have heard them

“Give it up to the Lord.”

“The joy of the Lord is your strength”

Or, perhaps you have heard the platitude. Given with the smile on the face and the pat on the shoulder “I’ll pray for you”. 

There have even been debates about whether “real”  Christians should be depressed. Some thinking that you if you have Jesus and you have given everything up to Jesus, you should be fine. Or, their depression is part of some demon oppression on their lives.

Thankfully, there has been some movement forward on this. The reason? Because people have been open about their struggles with depression. Many in the blogging community, Christian or not, have shared their stories around depression. It has helped people relate and find comfort that they are not alone.

There has also been help in Scripture. Not from the pull out your favourite happy Bible verse to get you through the day. But from people seeing the people in the Bible as well… people. Reading that Moses, Job, and yes even Jesus battle depression and sadness has caused some comfort.

But maybe the biggest victor? The continued conversations we are having surrounding depression. The realization that there is no exact science or simple Scripture that magically cures depression. But the reminder that there is a God that walks with you at all times. And brings friends to stand by with you.

I thought I would add two links today for discussion and thought. The first you see up there is an interview with Katherine Welby who has struggled with depression. And then this which is a story of  another persons discussion with depression.

My hope is when you read the comments today, there is some perspective given from people who have or are struggling with depression. Not only for those who are, but for those who want to stand by those who do.

Have a great conversation of comfort today



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