Agree or Disagree: Christianity preaches a Watered Down Gospel

I must warn you, this video might come across harsh.

This is a preacher named Paul Washer. He is well respected by some Christians because he is speaking “truth”.

He and many other Christians feel that the gospel Christianity preaches is watered down. It lacks conviction, purpose. It is fluffy. The word grace is overused.

Paul Washer ends this part of the video. And he like so many others would tell you this is the gospel.

“My job as a preacher is to preach God as He is. So Holy, So great, So magnificent, that He is unattainable. And I’m to preach that man is so low, and so despicable that even carnal Christians would be offended by my sermon.

And only then would Christ become so necessary, that man would be a fool to turn from Him.”

Do you feel that the Gospel has been watered down? That we’ve strayed from truth. From conviction for the expense of “cheap grace”?

Or, would you side with a statement that someone like Rob Bell would say?

The Good News is better than that.

Agree or Disagree: Journalism has reached an all time low

If you haven’t seen this interview, this was the interview CBC Newsworld did with Toronto Councillor.

This inspired today’s discussion as he said it in this interview.

It also inspired me to write this column

Agree or Disagree: There are realistic reasons why women cheat.

Agree or Disagree: There are realistic reasons why women cheat.

This is an interesting blog from Yahoo today.

The writer, Carson Griffith and dating expert Renee Lee gives 5 reasons why women cheat. 

They are.

1.Going through a transition.

2.Not feeling Adequately celebrated.

3.Feeling a relationship ended.

4.It’s just not fun anymore.

5.It’s Boring in the Bedroom.

There is more detail on the blog as to why.

Do you feel that these or any other reasons for that matter are realistic reasons for one to cheat? Or, would you say there is no excuse?