Agree or Disagree: Legalize Polygamy

Agree or Disagree: Legalize Polygamy

Just in case this is something that seems outlandish, there is some actual discussion about this.

I present exhibit A as this article which you can read as to why this lady feels this way.

Now, I’m coming into this with an open mind. I’m sure there will be good and valid points each way.

I also look forward to the discussion we are about to have.


One response to “Agree or Disagree: Legalize Polygamy

  1. Hmm, I think if we’re going to argue for polygamy why not polyandry too? Nobody ever seems to make that argument for some reason… 😉

    The argument Ms. Keenan uses seems pretty identical to the one used by the folks wanting to legalise marijuana : it’s only harmful because it’s illegal. Unfortunately she doesn’t back up her statements with anything other than a viewpoint. Has there been any research on polygamous cultures and how that really works out for families and society? The only polygamous cultures I’m aware of are strongly patriarchal with restricted roles for women and that’s not a trend I’d like to see gain strength in society. It was a difficult enough fight to get to our current level of equality (and we’re not all the way there yet) the first time ’round.

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