Agree or Disagree: At times, we take our friendships for granted

I know some of you may think that the only reason that I’m on Facebook is to how do we put this…….”stir the pot”


But I do actually follow what many of you do and say on Facebook. I’m curious about what many of you are out there are up too.


Some have you are promoting Outrage Free Friday’s. Yes that is true. Look it up.


Some of you are having babies.

 Some of you are engaged.

 Some have you have moved.

Some of you are trying to sell your house.

Some of you are starting new jobs.

But I do notice these things. And when I read your updates, I smile at your success. I am sad for you at your downs. I’m also intrigued by your ideas. And laugh at your funny photos.

What is really interesting is how I am able to know what is going in some of your lives. It use to be, I would pick up the phone, give someone a call, and personally find out what has been going on in your life. Now, if I really want to know, all I need to do is do a quick search on Facebook for your name. Then, I can explore your photo’s, read your profile, and I can assume I’m caught up with what is going on. Oh, and there is no doubt you are happy  and excited with your lives. Your smiling profile picture is proof of that.

A friend of mine made an observation recently. He was speaking that if you go to church every week and the fact that our weeks fill up so quickly with busy activities, that in a sense we have actually lost the need to call people. We know, or are really confident that we will see them and catch up with them at that point in time. There are so many opportunities  to catch up, that you don’t actually need to catch up.

One of the reasons many of you use Facebook is to keep in contact with friends that you have naturally lost contact with. Friends from school. Friends from work. Friends from church.  For whatever reason, the circumstances in your life changed that you lost constant contact with them. But you feel like you are still connected with the power of Social Media. You wish them a Happy Birthday when Facebook reminds you. You are assured that everything seems ok.

But then, all of a sudden it seems, something changes. You might notice a significant life change. You see they are sick, not with the cold, but something much tougher. Or they lost someone close to them. Or, they are gone themselves.

I reflect on that because this week because I actually experienced it. There was a group of us that spent a lot of time together. We played cards. We laughed. We ate. We walked. Over the years, life moved us away from each other. But we in this group were saddened to learn that we lost a friend to a car accident this week. With the sadness brought back some memories of events from the past. Old photos were looked at with us together.

It also was a reminder that over the years of living, I have known some of you for a long time. Some on different levels. Some of you, I have just learned to know. But I think I’m grateful for knowing you in whatever way I do. For that, I say thank you. I hope to not take that for granted.

Because the world is better that you are here. And will miss you when you are gone.


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