Agree or Disagree: Women don’t date Nice Guys

Agree or Disagree: Women don’t date Nice Guys

This is an article written in the Stir. It is giving  5 reasons why 5 women would prefer to date a Bad Boy over a Nice Guy.

So to review here they are from the Article. It goes into the detail in the article.

1. It’s hard for some of us to trust a Nice Guy.

2. Bad Boys care about themselves — a lot — and it makes us think they care about us.

3. Nice Guys have their shit together. Bad Boys don’t. Women like a challenge.

4. Some women are afraid of intimacy. The one thing the Bad Boy rarely does is want to become intimate.

5. Some women suffer low self-esteem.

What do you think?


4 responses to “Agree or Disagree: Women don’t date Nice Guys

  1. This stereotype always annoys me, as someone who has always been attracted to Nice Guys. No girls I know are actively seeking out a Bad Boy. What happens, the majority of the time, is that the guys whining the most about being unloved Nice Guys never DO anything about it. They treat everyone kindly and nicely and, for some reason, seldom actually *tell* a girl they like her. The whole “friendzone” meme, for instance. Ya know, there’s an answer to “this girl doesn’t seem to realize that me being nice to her means I like her, she must just like bad boys”! No, what that means is SHE DOESN’T KNOW you like her.

    So, essentially, far too often, the “girls only date Bad Boys” stereotype is used by guys who are unwilling to actually make a move and they get annoyed when girls get involved with guys who WILL make a move.

    Obviously this is not true all the time. But most of the guys *I* know who whine about this, that is exactly what happens. (Incidentally, whining about this is a huge turnoff to me as well. It’s trying to simultaneously throw yourself a pity party AND brag about how awesome you are. Those two traits are not attractive together.)

  2. Hey, Kevin. This has been one of the best agree or disagree conversations I’ve ever had the pleasure of being involved in on your wall.

    It gave me an idea for a “response post’ addressing what I see as the “Nice Guys Finish Last” myth and if you’re interested, I’d like to cross post with you once I’m done my piece. If you approve of that, let me know.

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