Agree or Disagree: You would choose Family over Career Advancement.

There has been some discussion about this due to Flames Goaltender Mikka Kipursoff.

For those who don’t know, Kipursoff decided to not accept a trade to the Toronto Maple Leafs. One of the reasons was in part that his wife recently had a baby. The baby was two weeks early and there were some complications. 

There have been two school of thoughts on this. For this, I will use employee/employer language. One, since he is an employee for an organization, he should accept the terms of his employment and report to his assignment. The other side of this is, family comes first. And if family comes first, then if this not the best time for the family, then the employee should not do it. Thus the employer, should understand and respect the decision.

So, what if a situation like this happened to you? You are, or have started a family. Maybe you have an opportunity to advance your career by taking an assignment. The problem is, it might keep you away from your family. Or, if not family, maybe it will keep you away from your friends.

What would you do? And, what advice would you give someone in that situation?


2 responses to “Agree or Disagree: You would choose Family over Career Advancement.

  1. It’s a great topic for debate. I have to say I applaud Mikka’s dedication to his family. I don’t think he’ll regret the decision. That said, it’s still a to each his own kind of decision. What’s right for Mikka might not have been right for another of his teammates. Good post!

  2. Mikka is a stand up guy and I can understand that he would not want to leave his new son so this was the right decision for him. The other rumours floating around is that this is his last season and we’ll see him retire, if that’s the case then did he really have a year left on his contract?

    Personally I would have a tough time making the decision to move from family for a career opportunity. The opportunity to even be considered would have to have some positive returns on investment for my family in the end.

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