Agree or Disagree: PM Stephen Harper is not “conservative” enough

Agree or Disagree: PM Stephen Harper is not “conservative” enough

Sometimes it seems Stephen Harper can do no right.

It’s understandable that our illustrious PM would face criticism from the left. But it appears some from the right also have some concerns as well.

For those who are unaware, Conservative MP Mark Warawa wanted the opportunity to discuss the issue of sex selective abortion in the House of Commons. He put forth a motion  to vote on this,but it was denied.  Warawa was also denied the opportunity to speak on this  motion in a one minute statement.

This has led some in the Conservatives to wonder what to make of Harper. You might remember from a previous post that Jim Blake from the Concerned Christians of Canada express some concern on Harper as well.

The link is an audio interview that Jim Brown from CBC did. The participants have been commenters in previous Agree or Disagree’s.  They are Jeff Hodgson and Jojo Ruba.

If you listen, they will debate if Harper is conservative enough. Do you think he is?

However here’s another  question that I was thinking about. What is Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s responsibility to Canada? It cannot be disputed that he does have a conservative or evangelical viewpoint. Should that be his approach or does he need to listen to the consensus of Canada?

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