Agree or Disagree: Jesus was simply more than a “Good Teacher”

As we head into the Easter Weekend, Christians around the world take the time to pause and reflect on the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It also is a time, particularly with many of the debates these days, to reflect on who Jesus is.

In a general sense, we know about Jesus. Some may have not read the Bible, but they have heard snippets and phrases that were sayings of Jesus. Things like

“Love your neighbours”

“Love your enemies”

“Turn the other cheek”

There’s a story of a conversation between Jesus and His disciples found in Mark Chapter 8 25:30. Jesus restored a man’s sight. Jesus asked the disciples what people were saying about who Jesus was.

The Disciples replied” Some say John the Baptist. Some say Elijah”

Jesus then turns the question around to His disciples.

“Who do you say that I am?”

For His disciples these days, they would say He is the Son of God. Maybe others would say something else. Some would say a great teacher, a prophet, or a man.

I bring this question forward to you. Who would you say that Jesus is?

More importantly, why?

Happy Easter.


One response to “Agree or Disagree: Jesus was simply more than a “Good Teacher”

  1. to me, Jesus is who we should be interested in. A man who sacrificed everything to gain everyone who knows and believes in him. A Savior who at times is too great to understand.. so much so that it can seem absurd, who transforms many peoples default worldview to reveal the truth about who we are.

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