Time for a little feedback.

Every once in a while, I think it’s really good to do a check in. An opportunity perhaps to have a chat around the fireplace. Oh look 🙂

So, for those who don’t know, I have been posting Agree or Disagree questions on Facebook for  a little over 2 years. I moved it to as blog format last March 2012.

My crack research staff, which includes me and a friend of mine, do notice some things.

Higher rate of conversation on Facebook than the blog. That is ok. I will be working on that specifically.

There are more people that read the blog, then they do comment on the blog. I get lots of feedback, and it surprises me, because I don’t expect it. They will come and say they enjoy what I do. I never have seen a comment from them.  I find that pleasant.

Recently, I have had some different conversations. They have been from people who liked to contribute, but felt like they could not anymore. There are 2 reasons they have given me. Here they are

1) They are frustrated at tones of people who disagree with their view. 

2) At times the topics go on “tangents” and off point. It becomes too difficult to follow because we end up debating something completely different then the actual topic at hand..

I really enjoy what we have going here. I think it is very valuable. And it is because people are really wanting to contribute to the topics at hand. Or, they want to think about them and read the comments. They will never comment, but they will read.

So, I’m planning to make some small adjustments going forward. However, here is my questions for you as we do.

In general, how have you found the tone and conversation. Are you or one who wants to type something but is too scared too? Or are you one that has stepped back?

Second, how about those tangents? Have they been distracting at times? Do they bother you?

Thank you for taking the time you do to read.





One response to “Time for a little feedback.

  1. I think you do a great job Kevin. I enjoy the ability to discuss issues but I agree with some people who get frustrated at the tone of people who are against the point of view that others are presenting. Everyone is allowed the ability to express their opinion but need to do it recognizing that others may disagree.

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