Agree or Disagree: The Transgender Bill (Bill 279) gives rights to a “special group of people”

Agree or Disagree: The Transgender Bill (Bill 279) gives rights to a “special group of people”

“I think there is a sort of betrayal of social conservative values with this trend,

“I think we crossed over lines here. It all comes down to society just not wanting to take a stand on anything because of the fear of looking somehow prejudice.

“We’ve really gone too far with this hate speech.”

Jim Blake, Concerned Christians of Canada.

From the article above, I find it quite interesting the perspective that Jim Blake and the Concerned Christians of Canada have given in regards to Bill 279


From this quote, I have a few takeaways of it.


First of all, it seems that the Concerned Christians of Canada are more concerned about promoting a particular “value system” then they are with the actual issue of discrimination at hand.  I have not heard the CCC, or many churches for that matter, speak on issues of LGBT youth being bullied in schools.  Or a recent statistic that 40% of LGBT youth that are homeless is due to the fact that they have been disowned by their parents. As a “Concerned Christian”myself, I find these statistics quite heartbreaking.


Second of all, and really this is quite fascinating is the person speaking on this issue. Jim Blake seems to be a good friend of Street Church in Calgary. Street Church has been in an actual debate with the City of Calgary about what they have been allowed to do. Street Church have filmed documentaries and called on Christians to support them as they feel they are being discriminated against.

For those who are concerned that Bill 279 is simply a “bathroom bill” as MP Rob Anders has suggested, Silvia Patel has written this article giving the perspective from the transgender community on the Bill. Which you can read here.

From his viewpoint, this is what Blake continues to say.

Why don’t we just say everybody has the right to be treated well. “They should not have threats against their lives because of choices that they are making that are legal and legitimate. But do we have to keep carving up the legislation and making these special groups of people. Or can we just say that people are human beings and worthy of dignity and respect.

I leave you with two questions.

1)Does this bill give “A special group of people” rights?

2) Why does it seem that when issues or bills like this come up that could support a group that feels discriminated against, that some Christian groups stand against it? Yet at the same time, they will remain silent on the actual treatment that has happened to the group?

Because as a “Concerned Christian”, that really bothers me.




2 responses to “Agree or Disagree: The Transgender Bill (Bill 279) gives rights to a “special group of people”

  1. I’m off two worlds…the older “reality” who knows the Bible scriptures and has a well-learned “tale” of Sodom & Gamora…where anything but the original coupling of man and woman was perceived and accepted…BUT, there is such a thing as the science of creation, that, through aberration, has created chromosomes that are not in the least heterosexual. IF, as all “supposedly” God-fearing faithful say, “We are ALL God’s Creatures.”, then we have to accept that aberrations in science exist and there must be a place for such humans here on earth. What I am NOT a proponent of is the show-off-edness of gays or queers who think to show off in public places makes them more legit. I still await, if that’s the case, for a Heterosexual Pride Parade, for if gays can have a day where they french kiss in public, so the hell should we “normals” have the same. The squeaky wheel may get the initial grease but that grease will damn well get mighty dirty if there is no honest, sincere, proactive stance behind the hub. I am all for acceptance but ONLY if you deserve it. Period.

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