Agree or Disagree: This is a good way for a dad to communicate with his son?

Agree or Disagree: This is a good way for a dad to communicate with his son?

I’m not a parent. Perhaps one day, I will be a parent. Sometimes I wonder what I would be like if I was a parent. What would be the first things I would say to my kid?

I remember one of the things that always struck me about my parents was they had uncanny instincts about us kids. There were times in my life that I didn’t have to say something happened. Somehow, my parents knew.

From my observation of my parents, it would be the same thing. Having uncanny, and unbelievable instincts about their kids. In many ways, you can argue that they know their kids better then the kids know themselves.

And yet, how many of us as kids have tried to hide a secret from their parents? Now there are varying reasons for why you keep a secret from your parents. You could get grounded. Or, maybe you would have disappointed them. Or, they could have embarrassed you.

This child has been living his life. He met someone and they are dating. The issue is, the child is gay. He is not sure he wants his parents to know.

Ah, but the parents knew, His dad knew since he was 6. And he knew he was dating someone. And he is happy.

Now, I know that every parent and every child will have a different reaction to this. I also know many of you have awful stories, parent or child about the experience. Maybe you wish you were the kid of this dad.

This is what I know. I’m not a parent. One day, I might be a parent. I do think I know the first words I would want to say. I think it would be the words that end this letter.

I have loved you since the day you were born.


3 responses to “Agree or Disagree: This is a good way for a dad to communicate with his son?

  1. Kevin, this raises a question I had never before considered. If a child has to “come out” to his parents then how bad are the parents for not having figured it out when he was six?

    I’m not trying to blame parents for anyting just pointing out that we are all flawed and make mistakes and sometimes do a poor job.

    • Great question Craig.

      From what I have heard from some parents is that they notice that their child is different. At times, they struggle why. When the child “comes out”, it makes sense to them.

      Others struggle and question if they were good parents when it happens.

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