3 Questions to ask about Pope Francis

We have all had time to digest the decision to elect Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, as the new Pope. He is the first Pope to be elected outside of Europe. 


Bergoglio comes from a Jesuit Priest background. He has lived a simple humble life. He has preferred to drive by subway and bus. He has spoken up and supported the poor.


Not surprisingly he is conservative.He opposes  same sex marriage, abortion and contraceptives.


He is not without controversy. He has been implicated in the detention of two young priests during the military dictatorship in Argentina from 1976 to 1983. He was also questioned about his support and protect church workers during that time. Bergoglio has denied the detention and he has been defended in his efforts to support church workers during that time.


Pope Francis comes in at an interesting time. The Catholic Church has some issues right now. The biggest being the sexual abuse scandal. However let us not overlook issues divisions in the church, decline in attendance, and bureaucracy from the Vatican.


It is from this, I bring forward three questions for discussion. 


If you had an opportunity to have a one on one conversation with the New Pope, what would you say to him?


Do you anticipate or hope for any changes in the Catholic Church under Pope Francis?   Be it changes in approach or changes on some of the key issues facing the Church?


One of the things I found interesting was the decline in attendance in the Catholic Church was Catholics going to Evangelical churches. Particularly in South America. Now, this needs to be said. Many Evangelicals approach to the Catholic church has been  quite frankly insulting, and ignorant.  Is it possible to improve this dialogue between the two groups?


One response to “3 Questions to ask about Pope Francis

  1. 1. It is my understanding that the Vatican’s wealth is estimated to be in the billions, much of it invested in banking and gold. Why doesn’t the Vatican use this to help people which is the very core of the Bible? Is it because money is political clout? Why would a religious entity need political clout? Doesn’t that go against the Bible and depending on God?

    2. Do you feel that the internal hiding of the sins of the priests has harmed the church? Most people I think do feel that way. Is the official position of the Vatican hurting the church?

    3. Has the church lost its way? Do you plan on reform?

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