Agree or Disagree: There is “intelligent life” or “aliens” that lives outside of earth

I remember as a little kid one of the first movies I have ever watched.

A young boy took home a little space creature. He looked reptilian with big and curious eyes. He was friendly, able to heal fingers, and make a bike fly.

The creature and the young boy became good friends. But  because he was an “extraterrestrial”  no one could know he was here. But they found out and went on a chase too find him. When they did, the extraterrestrial died, and a someone might.. I said MIGHT have cried. You might have cried too. I said might.

Eventually, the extraterrestrial came back to live.Everyone was happy. Except the extraterrestrial decided something.

He wanted to phone home. As he wanted to go back to his home.

There have been many movies other then “E.T” about intelligent life or aliens. Some have been friendly like Paul. Or scary like Aliens. Or fascinating like on Star Trek.

Many have suspended belief for a couple hours and enjoy the movies they are watching about the subject. Many others have actually speculated if there is “intelligent life”or “aliens” really out there.

What do you think? Is there aliens among us?


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