Agree or Disagree: The Bible should be taught in public schools

So this will interesting conversation for two reasons.

One this a blogger that I’m new to myself. His name is Jonathan Merritt and he blogs on Faith and Culture. This is one of two blogs we will likely discuss this week.

And two there is a push for this idea of having the Bible taught in Public Schools in the States. And while I think it is really unlikely to happen, there will be some influential Christian leaders that will support this. I also imagine they will encourage Christians to be behind it as well.

Here Merritt makes a case for why Conservative Christians should actually NOT support the Bible in public schools. His reasoning is not because he doesn’t want it but it may not be taught as accurately as he would like.  There are survey’s that say 3 in 10 Americans take the Bible literally.

I think there are many reasons not too do this. One of my senses would be that supporters would want the Bible involved in subjects like science so creation is taught. I would also imagine there are several other ideas as well.

But many will argue that this is infringement on human rights and religious rights. And many implications that simply won’t go over.

I’m a lover of the Bible and I’m not comfortable with idea of having it taught in public schools. What do you think?


One response to “Agree or Disagree: The Bible should be taught in public schools

  1. This is not a new idea. My public school taught a course entitled “the Bible as literature” I think it is a great idea. Unfortunately it is Christians that have the biggest problem with this because they want to discuss theology and beliefs rather than the Bible as literature.

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