Agree or Disagree: We honour and respect Free Speech

Agree or Disagree: We honour and respect Free Speech

I suspect that this picture causes an reaction to you.

Some of you will applaud this man. Some of you will not and be disgusted.

If you don’t know who the man is, his name is William Whatcott. He has been a part of a Supreme Court Case on Canada that these signs and others are considered “hate-speech”. One of the pamphlets stated that homosexuals are harmful to children.

His argument, and yes he has many that will agree with him is that it is his “right” and “freedom” to share this message. Above that, and many would agree with him, is that this is his Biblical and Christ like obligation. This is a quote from Walcott in an article in the National Post.

“I have to follow Christ first. What I have said is true. There’s not a sentence that I retract, so likely future fliers will be more of the same.”

The case is not the first of it’s kind in Canada. A few years ago there was court case about a Pastor in Red Deer posting a letter to the Editor about homosexuality. And in Calgary where I live, there has been a long standing controversy between Street Church and the City of Calgary that in part has to do with the signs they have.

Now, you will hear the argument for them and many supporters that this is a democracy. Some of the same people have argued that any restrictions on speech actually would ban some of the Bible. Therefore, there is a religious freedom point to their statement.

However, there is another side to this. An argument that goes beyond the point of freedom of speech, and freedom of expression. And it’s one that some of the supporters of Whitcott forget.

Many people are happy about the freedoms we enjoy. As a matter of fact, many have come to our countries from places that, have no freedoms. And while there is point of defence of free speech, there is a wonder what the real, not the stated, the real motivation behind what you are actually saying. What are you trying to accomplish?

Now they would argue that this is a country that has been founded on Christian or Biblical principles. That may be an argument for another time.

The question is do we honour and respect people’s right to Free Speech? Or are we easily offended and need restrictions?


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