Agree or Disagree: Pope Benedict XVI leaves behind a positive legacy.

Today was the final day of Pope Benedict XVI. The first Pope that has been able to step down and has not passed.

Since this is his last day, and his Papacy has garnered some controversy, I thought I would ask your thoughts on his legacy. What will he be remembered for? Positive or Negative?


2 responses to “Agree or Disagree: Pope Benedict XVI leaves behind a positive legacy.

  1. Pope Benedict XVI leaves a neutral one at best, an absolutely negative one at worse. This man who had tried to bring the pre-Vatican II times to recapture the conservative wing of the church, who opened and failed at a dialog with the Anglican and Greek Orthodox church, and single handedly tried to deny the last 100 years of social progress in the West, is exactly what he’s being described as, a caretaker pope. Given a near untenable situation with the drop off in membership in the West, he then betrayed his liberal beginnings to embrace the ways that are regarded by the public as outdated and closed minded. But what made it worse, is that this man singlehandedly did his absolute best to undermine the law by obfuscating, obscuring and concealing the rot in the church as seen in the widespread child rapes going back decades in his position as the hammer of God under John Paul II and later under his own reign. The sooner he’s gone from memory the better.

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