Agree or Disagree: With Faith the size of the mustard seeds, you can move mountains

This is a verse from Luke 17:6 that Jesus stated this.

Now, of course this can not be done literally, but there may have been some symbolic situations where you have seen this happen.

Do you believe it?


One response to “Agree or Disagree: With Faith the size of the mustard seeds, you can move mountains

  1. Hi Kevin. I believe this verse has been translated and explained to people in such a ‘wrong way.. and for that reason many people (including me) have been hurt by this wrong translated verse so many times. People would say: Only if you had faith in the SIZE of a mustard seed… blah, blah, then this would not have happened..

    Is it okay to take you in my writing a bit to Israel. Jesus, Yeshua, did not have an Ipad to show his disciples pictures from all over the place, like we can do these days. He was a rabbi of the land of Israel. So.. I am not sure what you know about the Mustard Seed. But it grows like crazy.. it is a weed and it is everywhere in Israel..It can grow wherever it is planted!! it can handle long periods of dry weather, it can grow in between rocks.. (it can even split up rocks if it can get its seed in between a little sliver.. thingy.. It grows like weed along the dirty roads of Israel, where it is dusty and dirty and full of bad gasses from the cars, etc.. It can survive and it is hard to get rid of.. almost impossible. Farmers don’t really like them.. It can move big rocks that are laying on the ground, when they grow underneath them…

    So with that in mind.. Now lets go back to that verse that you started your heading of your blog post with! You wrote.. (and you probable have that out of your english Bible.). Faith.. that is THE SIZE of a mustard seed..

    Please, Kevin look this verse up in your Hebrew Bible.. (if you have one) There it says.. or should say.. instead of THE SIZE.. of the mustard seed… it should say: Faith ‘THAT IS LIVING LIKE’ a mustard Seed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you see the difference there?
    So what is the million dollar question here? How do you live like a mustard seed? Yes!!

    It is not about the size of our faith… or the quantity.. It is the quality of Him that gives us life and the strength to live like a mustard seed!!!! Be rooted in Him! He is teh Living water to help you keep going and growing.

    Please be released of this presure to measure up to a certain size of faith.. It is not a game who is best.. Just live where God has planted you! He created you in His image. (sorry, I don’t mean to preach here and be rude to you.. maybe you already know this one and I am overstepping my boundary.. ) but I am said when I see people struggling and thinking that they failed because they didn’t have ‘faith enough’ or something like that… that is not what Jesus / Yeshua was after at all!

    There is more to th mountain part, etc.. but that’s maybe for another time.. No big thing for right now..
    I hope this gives yeou something to chew on..
    Pss: are you learning Hebrew at all?

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