Agree or Disagree: Evangelical Christians are “UnCanadian”

This statement was said by Thomas Muclair the leader of the NDP Party.

The  statement specifcally directed to Crossroads Relief and Development. They received $389,000 from the Canadian International Development Agency to build wells and provide clean water to Uganda.

“We don’t understand how the Conservatives can … subsidize a group in Uganda whose views are identical to those of the Ugandan government,” Mulcair said. according to this article

If you are not aware,Uganda has an anti-homosexuality bill which leads to the death penalty for those that are caught as homosexuals.

Now, there have been many Christian organizations and missionaries that have served in Africa. I know people that have. Generally,the intent of these organizations is to do exactly what  CIDA is doing. Build wells and provide clean water.

Now if you ask Crossroads, or an Evangelical Christian, they would consider homosexuality a sin. That is what their values are at. I would also bet if you asked most Evangelical Christians if homosexuals should be put to death, they would say no.

While I might not agree fully with Crossroads view on homosexuality, I also think that the criticism of them seems a little unfair. After all, isn’t it Canadian for us to help someone out who is in need?



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