Agree or Disagree: Men are intimidated by women that are more successful then them.

Successful is a subjective term for some.

But there is many that think that men are intimidated by successful women.

Here’s an article that seems to share both perspectives.


2 responses to “Agree or Disagree: Men are intimidated by women that are more successful then them.

  1. Hi Kevin,

    First off- I am an independent single woman, although I wouldn’t consider myself successful if that definition means I have a big-shot job that brings in lots of moolah.

    Yes, I think some men are intimidated by successful women.
    But I’m guessing you know that your question just raises more questions:
    Why do some men seem to be intimidated by women’s successes? And what is the appropriate response to that?

    I don’t think it is jealousy (as the article implies) that motivates those men. I think that many of the men who complain about successful women being intimidating are doing so out of a position of fear of change- and fear of loss of privilege. Being Lady (or rather Lord) Bountiful is a comfortable and familiar identity and it’s been the norm in our culture in the past. But now that society appears to be moving toward full functional equality in relationships as well as employment, Lord Bountiful is getting kicked out of his seat. When that identity (and the man-must-be-boss basis for it) is challenged, men may not know where they fit or what their role or purpose is in a relationship. They may assume that since the woman is now just as successful in work, that she is taking over the “male” role and nothing is left except the inferior “female” role. (I’m not saying that traditional roles are inherently bad, just that I’ve noticed men who fear successful women almost always consider traditional “women’s roles” beneath them)

    (BTW, I don’t want to imply that all men are just power-hungry or insecure, but the cultural structure that we (at least in North America) have been raised in is a bit screwed up and seems to promote these characteristics in men just like it promotes passivity and insecurity in women)

  2. Maybe the men who find successful women intimidating need to consider a new definition of being human (as men and women) within relationships. One that isn’t based on earning power or traditional assumptions but on Jesus’ model of brother-sister equality, everyone contributes in the way they are gifted, self-sacrificing love. Some of the recent articles/blogs I’ve read about people practicing egalitarian (equal partner) style marriages give me a lot of hope that we can move past the intimidation factor.

    Change can be scary and uncomfortable and I think on my part as a woman that I need to show grace and mercy towards men struggling with the change, but I still need to challenge them to grow in this area. And we women should never hold back our gifts or abilities because of fear (theirs or ours).

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