Agree or Disagree: Innocent until proven guilty.

To be honest, this was really brought up because of the news of the day which was that Pope Benedict will step down as of February 28.

His stepping down has caused a range of emotions. Shock for some as he is the first Pope to step down while still living. Respect from many World leaders and Christian leaders around the world. But for some, this news came with some disgust.

Disgust because of stories like this one

There have been reports that he has been complicit with some child abuse sex scandals. Some have accused him of moving priests to different churches as part of the cover up.

This leads me to the thoughts of we deal with those are accused.  It used to be innocent until proven guilty. But now I think our culture has become so cynical and jaded that it is guilty until proven innocent. This does seem with good reason. Best recent example might be Lance Armstrong.

But what do you think when one is accused?  Do you presume them innocent? Or guilty?


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