Agree or Disagree: David Suzuki has made a positive impact on environmental issues

David Suzuki is a well respected by many as spokesman for environmental issues.

I said by many. Not all. This video from Ezra Levant is challenging a recent visit of Suzuki to John Abbott College. Levant questions some of Suzuki’s request to John Abbott College. According to Levant, Suzuki for things like female companions and charged a little over $40,000.00.

Levant questions why John Abbott College would meet his requests. Well, I can’t speak for them, but I can imagine it is because they value and respect Suzuki’s contribution to environmental causes. He has hosted the Nature of Things since 1979.

However Levant, and Sun News for that matter, are not the first people who have questioned Suzuki’s motive’s. There have been a few concerns of the way Suzuki has lived. This is one of a few blogs, I have found on Suzuki’s behaviour.

If you have watched the Nature of Things, or have heard Suzuki, has he made a positive impact? Or is there valid criticism?


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