Agree or Disagree: Those who Smoke or Overeat should be penalized

Are you one that smokes? Or would you consider yourself an overeater?

The experts are having a discussion on how to approach your behaviour again.

The discussion, according to this article below from the Vancouver Province, is asking an interesting question.

The question that the article is asking is this. Quoted from the article,

“Faced with the high cost of caring for smokers and overeaters, experts say society must grapple with a blunt question: Instead of trying to penalize them and change their ways, why not just let these health sinners die prematurely from their unhealthy habits?”

Some have pointed to the high cost on the health care system. Others have pointed out that calorie and tobacco measures have been a burden on poor people.

What do you think? Is there anything that can be done? Or is it a personal responsibility issue?


One response to “Agree or Disagree: Those who Smoke or Overeat should be penalized

  1. interesting, first of all when you get insurance against risks if your risk is higher you pay more, smoking is just to obvious, it is not a food, you don’t need it to live, it has toxins in it that are not found in food (tho latly I am thinking they are doing the same to food putting in ingredients our bodies are not designed to handle) obesity is a touchy subject they do not understand fully why people overeat (or seemingly so). they don’t understand why you can have 10 people in a family all eating the same foods and amount and some will be healthy (or at least lean, whether that translates to being healthy is open for debate) and others will have serious health problems like metabolic syndrome.second they have no real evidence that obesity is culpriable in any higher risk in itself, obesity is more of a symptom of a metabolic dysfuntion, so to penalize obese people without all the facts is unfair, second science has not worked out whether the obesity came first or the diseases of high ldl cholesterol or insulin resistance came first or after obesity. furthur more to penalize someone for being fat when they are trying to so hard not to be and whos treatments (diets, exercise drugs whatever) dont work are blamed for the failure rather than the treament then to penallize is like throwing someone in prison for commiting a crime they didn’t commit. so many people are obese never get heart disaese, many who are lean do, so you can’t say your obese your automatically going to have to pay more, now if you get a physical and you have heart disease or something then you have a totally different ball game, but just being fat is not in itself sign your higher risk.

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