Agree or Disagree: You have forgiven the NHL for it’s lockout

Ever since this announcement in the wee hours of the morning of Sunday January 6, hockey fans have been abuzz about the upcoming NHL season.

TSN and Sportsnet have had wall to wall coverage of the upcoming season. Fans have come and have packed scrimmages. And there is excitement as the games start tomorrow!

It seems some have forgotten that there was a battle over things like pensions, salary caps, escrow and Make Whole. They bickered ands waited until they got want someone wanted.

Since, there have been apologies from teams. Some are offering ticket deals, autographs and more.

So, many will gather around the TV Saturday and Sunday to see their favourite teams. Some might have entered a hockey pool, (Or two). But some will stay away, maybe just for this year, but perhaps for much longer.

Are you excited that the NHL is back? Or are you still bitter about the greed that impacted this season?


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