Agree or Disagree: We need to improve relations with the Native Community.

It’s interesting how we approach sharing.

We can share food. Some of you might head out at some point this week will go out and share a bite to eat. Or you might share some space with someone. Or you will share the road. We will share easily with our friends and family,and we will enjoy the time together.

But then there’s the sharing of what we think is ours.  

If you had a sibling, or even if you didn’t have a, some of you will remember times when you didn’t want to share that toy. Because it was yours. Or, because you were bigger, you might have taken that toy because you could. It might have ended with a fight, and someone cried. Loudly.

This is what Idle No More feels like too me.

Each side feels like they have some legitimate concerns. But it feels like a couple of little kids are screaming at each other.

We have a Chief who has stood up and asked for her people to be treated better.  And to have a conversation with a Prime Minister about a bill. She feels that she hasn’t been listened too. She started a hunger strike. Not fully supported by all involved.

We have a Media group who in an intention to bring out facts, have quite frankly done a disservice to the conversation. Particularly from one man, who while he makes some good points, his mocking of a hunger strike has lessened his credibility.

We then have a group reminding everyone that they have the power of shutting down the economy of Canada. We then have protests and blockades. With has resulting in anger and insults. Increasing by the day over the Internet, all in an intent of the issue of land.

Land. We humans seem to have a difficulty sharing land. We seem to think that we have been given a “God given right” to this land. Except, maybe God has asked us to share the land.

This is where this gets awkward. Our relationship involving the Native Community has had a long and difficult history. Perhaps there needs to be a small reminder of who’s land this was in the first place. And perhaps there needs to be a reminder of how some Natives were treated.

Although, I’m not sure I agree with the recent methods, I understand what the supporters of Idle no More are trying to say. Decisions and funding are being made that will impact history, generations and identity. Things that are deeply important. Especially  if there is fear of a loss.

Yet on the other side, perhaps it is a fair question to ask where money has went. Taxpayers have paid money and there is a feeling of misuse. Perhaps it’s not with understanding fully. But it’s a perception.But it should not come with mocking and insults.

The more the conversation and debate keeps going, the more it seems like no one is listening. It seems we have gone to accusations of racism. And this is not productive.

So maybe Ezra Levant or anyone with Sun Media needs to take the time to go out and live in a reserve. Live in the conditions that these people have lived in. Listen to the people.  Watch the money actually being spent. Not look up a balance sheet.

And perhaps they also need to be listened too. Perhaps the questions they have are legitimate and important.

And then we need to keep listening to each other. Because it is our land to share.



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