Agree or Disagree: Teenagers shouldn’t date

I would recommend that you follow @SarahNMoon on Twitter.

She reads and reviews books on Twitter as she is reading them. I would describe it as readtweeting. It’s very interesting to read her perspective. Search the #Dateable.

One of the books that she is reading right now is a book called Dateable: Are You? It was written by Justin Lookadoo and Hayley DiMarco.

Now, I have not read this book. But the video has given the premise. So the theory is that because teen dating relationships will not last, you should invest your heart and your emotions into them.

My first reaction: Milk doesn’t last forever in the fridge. Does that mean you shouldn’t drink it?

Next week, I’m going to discuss dating books from the Christian perspective.

But, should teenagers date?


One response to “Agree or Disagree: Teenagers shouldn’t date

  1. Of course they should! First of all, none of us can see what will come. Therefore, stating that a teenager relationship won’t last is completely irrational. In my case, I have seen couples who have started their relationships when they were about 12-ish and now they’re going through their late 30s living happily together.
    On the other hand, we may find that a certain teenage couple broke up; however, should we consider that it was a waste of time because it didn’t last forever? I severely disagree with that kind of thinking/statement. A date or marriage is no other thing than a social relationship of a loving kind, which means that the people who form this kind connection will develop an understanding of themselves and the one who they are with in order to go against adversity. Even, then, if this relationship is torn apart, it will leave experience. In other words, it will improve their social understanding allowing them to have more fruitful relationships as they get old.
    I think if we let us be led by the ‘lasting’ factor when it comes to give ourselves time to experience some that is new, we will be making a terrible mistake. I mean, NOTHING lasts forever because it would imply that ‘It’ would have to be inmortal by itself and unavoidable. And then again, the only that fulfils those two previous requirements is Death.

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