Agree or Disagree: Violent Movies lead to Violent Acts


 In the recent debate and conversation about Gun Control, there have been two clear perspectives. As a matter of fact, Jon Stewart posted some great thoughts here.



1) We need to have some restrictions on firearms. Some as far as a ban, but more certainly seem to be attempting that we advocate who and why someone needs one.


2) It’s not about the gun control. That’s not the issue. There are several other factors. No prayer in schools, Ignoring God. Violent Movies.


I’d like to probe a little about violent movies.


Spending as much time as I did in the church, I have heard many messages and have been a part of many conversations about what movies Christians should watch. Or what music to listen too. The term used was “garbage in, garbage out.”


There has also been millions of dollars spent, and made on documentaries on the evils of Hollywood and secular music. And I certainly understand  and to a certain extent, agree with the intent around choosing what you watch. There are types of movies, I won’t watch.  And music I won’t listen too.


In the video above from Stewart, the NRA are specifically identifying movies that have had a negative impact and is promoting violence. It is interesting to note the time frame of the movies were in the 90’s. Violent movies have been around for a long time. Did we forget those old Westerns? The ones where they go into a saloon and shoot everyone?And everyone shoots back?


This led me to do a little thinking. I’d like to start in the USA. Here are the top 5 grossing movies of 2012 in the USA.


1. The Avengers

2.The Dark Knight Rises.

3. The Hunger Games.


5. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2.


Now, let’s head to England. Here are the top 5 grossing movies of 2012.

1.  Skyfall

2 The Dark Knight Rises

3. The Avengers

4. The Hobbit.

5. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2


 So in general, the same list of movies.  3 of these movies, we can concede are on the violent or action side. The Dark Knight Rises opening was the scene of an infamous shooting in Aurora Colorado last summer.


 So now something else that is interesting. This is a link form the guardian. It is a list of each country and  who owns firearms. Also it will show the percentage of homicides from firearms. And the amount of homicides by firearms.


England 41

United States 9, 146.


All of these movies can be seen all over the world. So if we go with the argument that these shooting are because of violent movies, then should this not be a spike all over the world.


So, my question too you is why is there such a difference between two countries that are spending money on the same movies ?


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