Agree or Disagree: Physical Attraction is important in a relationship.

 Although I think some may have an obvious answer to this question, I did find this  interesting article from the Huffington Post.

I would like to point out one interesting section from this article.

As one might expect, the survey shows that physical attraction does, in fact, matter to both men and women (78% believed it was very important). But what is interesting and less obvious is that it matters more in the first seven years of a relationship than in later years. It seems that as marriage progresses, physical attraction may be increasingly influenced by other emotional factors — like good communication and shared interests — which probably help sustain attraction even if looks change. Likewise, in the absence of ongoing positive regard, even if partners were once highly attracted to one another, negative emotions may color their relationship and the power of physical attraction wanes.

It has led me to wonder if we have our change our approach to what we mean by the idea of physical attraction. The  average age of people getting married has been becoming older. I think that is for many reasons, one of them being I think there is a value of shared interest.

So, I’m curious where Physical Attraction fits in an importance of a relationship.


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