Gods, Guns and Gathering-Reflections on Social Medias View on Sandy Hook

Since Friday It has been very clear what has been on the mind of many people in the Social Media World.


In a sense, it shouldn’t surprise us. Something like this is so hard to grasp or comprehend what has happened. It seems inconceivable really. I’m still shaken by the pictures, the images, and the children that have been lost. We are a community. We process things differently.


This processing has certainly caused some different perspectives. It has caused some different emotions for many people. We have also discussed some different themes. I thought I would take the time to discuss three key themes that have come out during the discussion.


God- There has been many different perspectives on this. It really started when Mike Huckabee stated that he wasn’t surprised because we took God out of the class. And Bryan Fischer said that God didn’t protect the children because He was “kicked out”. 


It has then continued with some readings of inspirational, comfort and  wisdom to the families. I also have read  how the Christian should respond. And how the Christian looks at death,


First, I want to be careful how I say this.  But God never left. He nerve has left and according to the Bible, He never will. He is not diminished  by a formal prayer or commandments on a wall. Ironically, Jesus talked about having the commandments in our heart. It is also ironic that Jesus also talked about praying in secret and not be like those “babbling pagans”. You would think that Huckabee and Fischer would know better.


Saying this does not diminish the great loss and the great and deep questions of where Gods involvement is in this. It’s a fair question that we should encourage that search and let God answer in His time to them.


I also understand the sincere attempts of comfort that people are trying to give as well. In the heart of hearts, of course you want those to have a hope. However, this might not be the time for that. This would seem to be a time for sadness. A time to slowly walk through and allow the families to grieve through this time.


In regards to the Christians stories and Christian perspectives of death. I think we are human first, and Christian second. Anybody’s response is a naturals human response. Wailing. Crying. Weeping. Sorrow. It’s human to feel it. To Christianize this experience is very close to dehumanizing it. Perhaps is not about a religion telling how to respond, but being honest about your response. And God working in it.


I have also read some posts about praying for forgiveness. And encouraging forgiveness. Anyone who has been through a deep and traumatic hurt will know that the concept of forgiveness is a process. It may take years to get there. It may take years to process. I know this. If this was me and it was my child, my first response would nit be forgiveness. It would not be my second.


Guns- I have read so much about the studies of guns and mass shootings. Some of the “gun lobbyists” are making statements about where these happened and the legality of guns. The other side is pointing out trends in guns as well.


I find it somewhat interesting that the same people that are pointing to a lack of prayer on schools, are also encouraging more gun accessibility. It just very interesting that some Christians are taking this stand. Particularly when Jesus healed a soldier that His disciple attacked.


I do know people that own guns. I know that they are very respectful and responsible with them. I’m not one of them. I’d like to see some control on this. At the very least, we need to educate people on them. 


Two weeks ago, an NFL Player walked into his girlfriends house and killed her. He then went to his team facility and in front of his coach,general manager and a few others, killed himself. They found out that this player had owned 8 guns. Shortly after this, there were several NFL players that decided to turn in their guns. 


Perhaps the question isn’t about changing the lawn guns. Perhaps the question we should ask is why someone is motivated to own a gun. 


Mental Illness-Much has been made about this. There was a powerful letter about from Liza Long about her child Michael. What is admirable is her openness of what happened. What she discussed has opened a discussion about the issues surrounding mental illness. It is much needed. 


I was reading today that Nancy Lanza, Adam Lanza’s mother, went to parties and never talked about her struggles with her son. Perhaps out of fear of judgement. Or exclusion


I got to thinking how many times I was afraid to share something because of those reasons. And the amount of times that actually happened.


I then got to thinking the amount of times my friend posted how they were doing on Facebook or Twitter. And the amount of times I scrolled to the next status. Instead of messaging them or like the good old days, phoning them.


We go to parties and places to connect and not feel alone. But at times, we resist so much sharing that we end up being alone anyway.



We are not met to be alone. We are met to be  in community.  We are on these sites to connect in some way.


Perhaps these conversations about God, guns and mental illness can lead to that.


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