There are those moments that make you Stop.

There are those moments that make you Stop.

I’d like to tell you how my day started.

It was busy. This being the last day of class, it was a combination of tension, relief, joy and a little stress.

Some might say it was a Full Moon out. The energy felt different. it was one of those days where everything seemed a little topsy turvy. And, although it is very rare I feel that, this was one of those days.

But suddenly, perspective hit.

A town called Newtown Connecticut is 3, 927 km or 2, 440 miles from where I live in Calgary Alberta. It is a town that until today, I have never heard of.

But today, something horrific and unspeakable happened. A young man walked into an elementary school with 2 9mm handguns, and apparently from reports his brother’s identification. He opened fire leaving 18 children dead instantly, 2 children dying in hospital and 7 adults dead.

It just makes you Stop.

When I heard of this news, I searched my Social Media sites to wonder what was going on. About 5 hours ago, it seemed like a huge bunch of anger, shock, outrage. Admittedly I was a part of this, but politicing as well. From both sides and perspectives.

Generally, I eat lunch and go for a walk. I was taken back to my stressful day. I was then reminded that our day was ending early so we can celebrate Christmas. And then, many of us get to go home and hug their children and their loved ones tonight. Then this weekend, we will shop for Christmas gifts. We will want to get the best deal on the best Christmas gifts for our loved ones. We might fight someone for a parking spot. Or race ahead of someone in line. I’m not sure if it about us being selfish, or it just being a natural instinct of a stressful time.

Watching the news when I got home, it struck me how the news reporter on CNN was describing how fast this moment happened. It reminded how quick the moment seems to be that Christmas comes. And the time we take to prepare for that one moment in time to show how much we love someone.

Christmas isn’t the only moment we do this. There’s Valentine’s Day. Birthday’s. Anniversaries. Weddings. All of those days that come that we take that we intentionally show our love. But somehow in our rush to impress, maybe we miss the rest of those days to show it throughout the year. The moments we wished we said how we felt about someone. But we never do. And then the moment is gone.

in Social Media, on the news, there has been debate about God, guns, mental illness and whatever else we will continue to unpack going forward. These are important debates, but I’m not sure it’s the true solution.

In the midst of the rush, just Stop. Put your arm around someone. Remind those people that are close to you that you love them. Honour those who are the heroes in your life.

The time we have today is precious As you pray for those thousands of miles away, remember those who are close to you now.

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