Agree or Disagree- You have been hurt by a religious institution.


 I realize in some ways, I’m opening a can of worms by making this statement.


However, it seems that I have been engaged in some conversation with people that have been deeply hurt by the church. Some of that comes with expectations of what people think should happen at church. Or how people behave. 


Depending on the person some have completely left the church. But, some have stayed. I, myself went through a major hurt with the church. I have stayed within the church community. It was not an easy decision to do that. But, I realized that in my opinion, in spite of the flaws at the time with church, I still actually love the idea of church.


 I bring this topic up for two reasons. One, as part of the Christmas and the Advent season, church is important. Christmas Eve and Good Friday have generally been the highest attendance times of church. This would tell me that there is something significant about going to church. It also tells me that aspects of spirituality is important.


Two, there was a couple of blogs I read last month on this exact topic. These two people did not know each other.  I hope both of these are some encouragement or gives you some thought. The first one is from Connie Jakab who has posted here before.. 


The other one is from Alise Mccoy Wright who writes at Alise Write. This is her post.


You will note that on both cases, these two stayed. I’m not saying that this s right for you. I’m also not trying to be the commercial for church. However, I think that there is a conversation that can be had between those who have been heavily involved with church and those who have distanced themselves. I do think that many churches are trying to make an effort to reach out more. However, there is still seems to be an area of mistrust there too.


The bottom line too me is this. It is still about community. We are not met to walk alone. One of the intention of churches is that very task.


Perhaps discussing these issues will help that.


One response to “Agree or Disagree- You have been hurt by a religious institution.

  1. Hey kev to answer your question have I been hurt by the church, yes I have been hurt by the church as probably everyone has at some point. The big point that I find to forgive the church is that it is governed by people and people tend to make mistakes. Within the last little while I have started to open my view about spirituality about what’s right and what’s wrong, and I have come to the realization that there are so many great concepts of ‘truths’ within other views, I still consider myself a Christian I just don’t think it’s right to judge others from a point from our own insecurities

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